The Crotch Grabber FAQ


Q: What does >CG<  stand for?
A: Crotch Grabbers

Q: Is >CG< a good clan?
A: Huh?

Q: Is >CG<  a good clan?
A: Yes, we have the best players ever.

Q: What are the advantages of being a member?
A: You get 90% reduction at every cinema, and it makes you irresistible. Female panties will moisten and the ladies will drop trow at the mere sight of The Crotch.

Q: Where and when are the clan meetings?
A: We meet at the Crotch Club every Monday, where we exchange cake recipes.


Q: Do I need good skills to join?
A: Absolutely. A Ph.D. in Mathematics or Computer Science would be useful as well, but is not required.


Q: Do you have jock itch?
A: No


Q: Who is the clan leader?
A: Since we all have authority problems, we decided against a leader.


Q: When was the clan founded?
A: May 1 1776


Q: You guys talk about The Crotch, sometimes. What do you mean with The Crotch? Is that a kind of god?
A: No, The Crotch is a very complex structure. You can think of it as a mathematical system. The Crotch plays a significant role in the stability of our universe, and unifies the weak force, the strong force and the electromagnetic force.


Q: Hey Math, is it true that you still live at your parents' house and that you wear Star Trek pyjamas?
A: That is a blazing lie! We, The Crotch Grabbers, are badass. Most of us are ex-prisoners.


Q: I heard that McTitties does 500 cock push-ups a day. Is this true?

A: Yes, everything you hear about McTitties is true.


Q: How can I spot a >CG< clan member when playing Quake II?

A: You will never "see" a >CG< member coming until you are dead. We will then stand over your rotting carcass, honoring you with our Crotch.


Q: I am afraid of The Crotch. Is this normal?

A: This reaction is very normal. The Crotch has been known to strike fear into the hearts of mere mortals. If we do cross paths, our advice is to as fast as you can. When >CG< are close by, Ownage is Imminent.


Q: What does the P in McTitties full name stand for?

A: Poundcake


Q: My mother told me to stay away from The Crotch. Why?

A: Your mother is a whore.


Q: What are the leading causes of death in the United States?

A: 1) Heart Disease 2) The Crotch 3) Cancer







May the Crotch be with you...

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