Full Name:      The Prophet (yes you may bow now)

Occupation:     Outright Crotchiteer

jock Size:      More than meets the eye

Likes:          Lots of what McTitties likes except kittens. Also pettin my crotch, exhibitionism,
                and gettin down to the beat of Hu Hu.

Dislikes:       Crickets, herpes, chics who can't do a decent BJer, the shart, n00bs, people 
                who can't spell boob backwards, and std penile checks

Fun Facts:      Occassional moos for some reason, loves to hold my ground and crotch the enemy,
                great lover (just ask!), cro(t)cheter at heart, and lettin it all hang out.

Real Facts: Homepage

I own this:

and this which goes into the hearse:



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